To sleep is all I need to do

I am really new to this so called blogging and one of my purposes of doing this is to keep my self busy. I have just finished all of my school works (correction: not all!), and I want to make fun. The most stressful months have passed, OCTOBER! Lots of things happened especially at school, I can still remember how my instructors call me in my name… But now it is all over. I’m done with school and now, the next step to do is to find a job. Here in the Philippines, we were experiencing the challenge in searching for jobs that’s why most of us are unemployed. (Including me.) HAHAHA!

As stated earlier, I’m not that done with all of my tasks. Our HR had emailed me this morning and told me that I need to report on our thesis adviser. *yawn. The reason? I haven’t passed our thesis documentation yet and she is looking for it. Ouch! We still need to hardbound it and we are running out of time! Hustle!

By the way, I’m a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology…(oooops! I mean, MAYBE our graduation is on March or April, still waiting for four months…LOL!)

All I need to do now is to sleep…


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