Friends, Really?

Good day! How are you? Hehehe. As usual, I woke up late and ate late and open my PC and start typing some words that are just coming from my hands, I mean from my head…
For now, I’ve got a lot of things to do…
1. Go to our school.
2. Make my way to LTO, to renew my driver’s license.
3. Hmmmm. To check my friend’s PC for any virus infection.
4. Lastly, go to another friend of mine, a deaf.

Hahaha. This is such a busy day but still can manage it. We have chatted with my other classmates and they are looking for jobs already, I’m left behind. Ouch! LOL! Sometimes, I wonder why my other classmates hate me.

I have a lot of friends at school, but I didn’t see that they treat me as their friend. Ouch! For example, after finishing school, most of them are not fond of talking to me. Well, I’m used to live with myself only and being alone is not a problem. That’s why I don’t matter whatever action they may do. What is important to me is that I’m happy with my life doing my everyday chores without hindrances.
So, bye for now. I need to take my bath. :)


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